Clojure Categorized

The following table categories Clojure functions, macros and special forms.

Category Functions/Macros
arrays - general aclone aget alength amap areduce aset into-array make-array to-array to-array-2d
arrays - type-specific aset-boolean aset-byte aset-char aset-double aset-float aset-int aset-long aset-short double-array float-array int-array long-array
bindings binding declare def defonce if-let let with-local-vars
bitwise operations bit-and bit-and-not bit-clear bit-flip bit-not bit-or bit-set bit-shift-left bit-shift-right bit-test bit-xor
Clojure code access load load-file load-reader load-string loaded-libs require source use
compiling compile gen-class gen-interface
conditional logic cond condp if if-let when when-first when-let when-not
conversions bigdec bigint boolean byte char double float int long num short
databases resultset-seq (also see clojure.contrib.sql)
exception handling catch finally throw throw-if try
functions comp complement constantly declare defn defn- fn partial
multimethods defmethod defmulti prefer-method remove-method
input/output file-seq flush line-seq newline pr prn print printf println read read-line slurp with-open
iteration doseq dotimes for iterate loop/recur trampoline while
Java interop. . .. add-classpath bean comparator enumeration-seq import iterator-seq memfn new set!
Java interop. - proxies construct-proxy get-proxy-class proxy proxy-mappings proxy-super update-proxy
list creation list list*
predicates - logical and every? not not-any? not-every? or some
predicates - relational < <= = == > >= compare empty? false? identical? neg? nil? not= not-empty pos? true? zero?
predicates - types associative? class? coll? decimal? delay? float? fn? ifn? instance? integer? keyword? list? macro? map? number? ratio? reversible? seq? sequential? set? sorted? string? symbol? var? vector?
predicates - other distinct? even? odd?
macros definline defmacro macro? macroexpand macroexpand-1
map operations array-map assoc assoc-in contains? dissoc find get hash-map key keys max-key merge merge-with min-key pmap select-keys sorted-map sorted-map-by update-in val vals zip-map
math - general + - * / dec inc max min quot rand rand-int rationalize rem with-precision
math - unchecked unchecked-add unchecked-dec unchecked-divide unchecked-inc unchecked-multiply unchecked-negate unchecked-remainder unchecked-subtract
metadata meta with-meta
namespaces alias all-ns create-ns find-ns find-var in-ns namespace ns ns-aliases ns-imports ns-interns ns-map ns-name ns-publics ns-refers ns-resolve ns-unalias ns-unmap refer refer-clojure remove-ns resolve the-ns use
parallel operations (in clojure.parallel namespace) pany par pdistinct pfilter-dupes pfilter-nils pmax pmin preduce psort psummary pvec
quoting and unquoting (evaluating) eval quote
reflection ancestors bases class doc find-doc instance? isa? ns-resolve parents special-symbol? supers
reference types - all set-validator
reference types - agents agent agent-errors await await-for clear-agent-errors send send-off shutdown-agents
reference types - agents as watchers add-watch add-watcher remove-watch
reference types - atoms atom compare-and-set! reset! swap!
reference types - refs alter commute dosync ref ref-set
reference types - vars alter-var-root def set! var var? var-get var-set
regular expressions re-find re-groups re-matcher re-matches re-pattern re-seq
sequence operations to retrieve a single item ffirst first fnext last nth peek second
sequence operations to retrieve multiple items butlast drop drop-last drop-while filter next nnext nthnext pop remove rest rseq rsubseq subseq take take-nth take-while
sequence operations to do other things apply cache-seq concat conj cons count cycle distinct doall dorun empty flatten fnseq iterate interleave interpose into lazy-cat lazy-cons map mapcat partition range repeat repeatedly replace replicate reverse seq seque sort sort-by split-at split-with tree-seq
set operations in clojure.core namespace disj hash-set set set? sorted-set
set operations in clojure.set namespace difference index intersection join map-invert project rename rename-keys select union
string and character operations char-escape-string char-name-string format pr-str print-str prn-str read-string str string? subs with-in-str with-out-str
structs accessor create-struct defstruct get-in struct struct-map
testing assert cast test
threads and concurrency agent-errors clear-agent-errors future future-call get-validator locking monitor-enter monitor-exit
transactions and refs alter commute deref dosync ensure ref sync
trees (in namespace) append-child branch? children down edit end? insert-child insert-left insert-right left lefts make-node next node path remove replace right rights root seq-zip up vector-zip xml-zip zipper
type hierarchies derive isa? make-hierarchy underive
vector operations get nth split-at split-with subvec vec vector vector?
XML parse (in clojure.xml namespace) xml-seq
miscellaneous -> comment delay delay? descendants do doto force gensym hash identity intern keyword name preduce reduce symbol time

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