Kindle 2 Information

To manage your Kindle, visit This web site is used to:

Document Conversion

To have documents converted to a Kindle-compatible format (such as .azw) email them to Amazon. Before doing this, use the URL above to "manage your kindle". Only documents emailed from email addresses on the approved list will be processed. This is a safety measure to prevent spam.

Email documents to be converted as attachments. These email messages do not require a subject or any other content. There are two email addresses that can be used. Documents sent to will be converted and sent wirelessly to your Kindle for a small fee (currently 15 cents per megabyte). Documents sent to will be converted and stored temporarily on an Amazon server. Amazon will send a reply email that includes a link to the converted document. Click the link in the reply email to download it to your computer and then copy it to the Kindle using the USB cable. The Kindle will appear as an external harddrive. Copy documents to the documents folder.

Supported File Formats

The Kindle 2 supports the following file formats natively:

The Kindle 2 conversion service can convert the following file formats to native formats:

Free Books

The following websites provide free books:

Web Browsing

To start the web browser, press HOME, press MENU, select "Experimental" and select "Basic Web". Once in the web browser, to improve the experience, switch to Advanced Mode and enable JavaScript. To switch to Advanced Mode, press MENU, select Settings, select "Switch to Advanced Mode". To enable JavaScript, press MENU, select Settings, select "Enable Javascript".


To copy highlights from Kindle to a computer, connect the Kindle to the computer using the USB cable and copy documents/My Clippings.txt to the computer. It will contain may oddly encoded characters for things such as smart quotes.

Removing Books

When you are finished reading a book on the Kindle, there are three options to consider that will allow you to reread the book in the future.

  1. Leave the book on the Kindle. It holds so many books that it will take a long time to fill it up. The Home screen can sort the books so the newest ones appear first. That way you don't have to look through the old ones when you're trying to find a book to read.
  2. Copy the book to your computer and then delete it from the Kindle. You'll be able to copy them back to the Kindle if you every want to read them again. When you plug the Kindle into your computer you'll see that it contains a folder named "Documents". That's where the book files are located. They have names that end with .azw or .mobi. There are also .mbp files with the same beginning name. Those store the location within the book you were reading last, bookmarks and notes you've taken.
  3. If you purchased a book from Amazon, just delete it from the Kindle. Amazon keeps a record of all your purchases and will allow you to download them from Amazon to your Kindle as many times as you want for free.

Miscellaneous Tips

  1. Delete - To delete a document, move the cursor to underline it, push 5-way left and then in to confirm.
  2. MineSweeper - To play MineSweeper, press Home and alt-shift-M.
  3. Refresh - To force a page refresh, press alt-G.
  4. Store - To go to the Kindle Store quickly, press alt-Home.


For support, browse or call 866-321-8851.
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